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Future of Commercial Vehicles conference
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26 September 2020, Thursday, 5* Marriott Asia Hotel, Istanbul, Turkey
Future of Commercial Vehicles conference

Meet key indutry players:

Why attend the event?
learn from expert speakers
join Q&A forum discussion
meet 250+ participants
get 4+ hours of networking
generate new business

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Organizing committee:

Consultancy, Trade & Network service provider

Website sponsor:

Web development solution provider

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Media partners:

Demir Celik Store
Subcon Turkey

Exhibit with a stand

The following flat plan represents the conference hall area and the exhibition foyer by the main entrance at the 5* Marriott Asia Hotel. All the coffee breaks will take place in the exhibition foyer guaranteeing good visibility and exposure throughout the event. B2B table top exhibits will be open throughout the conference session times and until the end of welcome reception in the evening.

Flat plan of the xhibition area

Table tops are always strategically located to give exhibitors the very best opportunity to present their products & services to a target audience. There are 14 B2B table tops available for grabs (numbered 1-14). They are sold on first come first serve basis. Therefore, please reserve one early.

Why exhibit at the event?

Many potential customers will be there looking for new suppliers of grain, equipment and services offering exhibitors tremendous cost-saving opportunities for contact and networking.
  • improve your sales potential by getting your own private spot at the conference;
  • allocate your own portable pop-up display stand and gain more exposure and visibility;
  • stand out from the crowd and your competition and direct more traffic to your table;
  • engage in face to face communication on your own ground;
  • make presentations with your laptop right and then;
  • create a platform for promotional materials, brochures, corporate gifts;
  • get additional media coverage.

Who's attending and exibiting?

  • Manufacturers;
  • Equipment & technology suppliers;
  • Automotive manufactures;
  • Exporters & importers, distributors and representatives;
  • Investors & financial institutions;
  • Freight & transport companies;
  • Quality inspection & standards providers;
  • Service centres & warehouses;
  • Industry analysts, researchers and consultants;
  • Government bodies & trade associations.

  • Airport Utility Vehicles
  • Municipal & Utility Vehicles
  • Ambulances
  • Pick-ups
  • Armoured Vehicles
  • Police Vehicles
  • Buses
  • Refrigerated/Catering Vehicles
  • Distribution Vehicles
  • Special Vehicles
  • Heavy Commercial Vehicles
  • Trailers/Tippers
  • Hybrid Vehicles
  • Trucks/Fire Trucks/Tow Trucks
  • Light Commercial Vehicles
  • Used & Rental Vehicles
  • Motorcycles & Scooters
  • Vans
Parts & services:
  • Accessories, Parts & Components
  • Government Departments
  • Automotive Services
  • Graphics & Signage
  • Batteries
  • Leasing Services
  • Bodywork & Repair
  • Maintenance & Testing
  • Communication Technologies
  • Oils & Lubricants
  • Engine Parts
  • Telematics
  • Financing Services
  • Transport Logistics & Navigation Services
  • Fleet Management
  • Tyres
  • Fuel Technologies
  • Vehicle Attachments

What do you get as an exhibitor with a table top package?

  • a table top (a desk), 2x3 meters space, 2 chairs and a dustbin.
  • allocation of your company logo, description and a direct link to your website on our conference website (at least 6-8 months exposure).
  • allocation of your company logo, description and contact details in conference brochure.
  • allocation of your company brochure or presentation in digital format .PDF together with conference materials on a CD-rom.
Please note, that you would need to bring your own portable pop-up stand to the expo. Here's an example of what it may look like:

Pop-up stand and table top

How much does it cost?

A table top package costs just 1000 EUR. Please note, that even if an exhibitor does not wish to attend the conference sessions, he must still register as a paid delegate. A table top must include at least one paid delegate in order to be sold.

How do I register?

Please complete the PDF registration form on the event's website. On page 2 select the option for exhibition. Proceeding for the exhibitors are also included on the front page of the PDF. Contact us today if you require any further information!

Invitation for speakers

We invite industry professionals who are interested in making a non-commercial presentation at the event to contact us today for more details.

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Why attend the event?
learn from expert speakers
join Q&A forum discussion
meet 250+ participants
get 4+ hours of networking
generate new business
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